About Doodly Jew

Doodly Jew was born out of a desire help educators working hard to create virtual and in-person lessons. 

The first videos created were the Aleph-Bet, each of the letters with three doodles of words that begin with that letter. Teachers can show these videos as an introduction to each letter or encourage students to doodle their own letters. 

Next came Kavanot, intentions, for words that connect Hebrew learners with the key concepts of Judaism. Each of these words includes the root letters doodled with words that connect to the meaning. In a classroom setting, teachers can easily ask students how each doodle connects to the word and to compare and contrast the doodles. 

Next came Z'manim, times. These words are holidays and Hebrew months, doodled in a way to enrich their meaning.  
In the future, we plan to doodle prayers and names. 

Are there videos that would help you teach or learn? Let me know what words you want to see doodled!